10 September, 2007


howdy folks. this blog is moving to fancy new digs. if you have links, please update them with my new address: http://blankpage.quiblit.com/

thanks for stopping by. see ya at the new place.

07 September, 2007

death comes in threes

yesterday, luciano pavarotti.

today, madeleine l'engle, author of "a wrinkle in time".

so, who's next? place your bets! perse nominates peter o'toole as a likely canidate for tomorrow's unfortunate loss. hard drinking, hard smoking and 75. granted, the irish can subsist solely on alcohol and tobacco (as can the french, tough i think they need coffee too), so he may have a few years left.

we are legion

the nation grows stronger, one child at a time. the coup is imminent. soon, we shall rule the world! though i'd settle for another series win.


victory will be ours!

04 September, 2007

back at work

man, that went fast.