28 September, 2006


i've just discovered that my google page rank is a nice, round, shining zero.

i feel i've truly accomplished something here.

21 September, 2006

observations in the window


The spider sits, patient,
a wolf waiting in his
carefully crafted lair;
an exquisite web spun
and strung the length
of the window's pane.

The spider waits, anxious,
still between the glass
and screen. Wondering why
his gods must play
and torture him with flies.

19 September, 2006

work rant (minor)

how on earth am i expected to get anything done on time when a) people keep giving me additional things to do; b) people keep scheduling meetings; c) no one in this fucking company knows jack shit about these products or the admin systems they are on. including the people who maintain those systems.

very frustrating. my contact for aid on the systems i'm trying to read turns out to not be my contact, nor knowledgable enough to help me anyway. the existing extract programs i've been modifying are utter shit. the batch jobs take half a freakin' day to run, an hour or so to upload and format the results. and the ba's don't know what they are missing till they see it isn't there. i may have to kill one of them; she's driving me batty. too detail oriented: the sort of person who needs to understand something completely in order to understand it at all. we don't have time for that.

i feel like people aren't reading my email updates. i also feel people think i'm slacking off, when i'm working consistent 10 hour days, sometimes longer. i know everyone is stressed because this project has crept way out of hand, but still has to adhere to the original target dates because it's strategic (and therefore meddled in by the higher-ups). but really, it's driving me up a wall.

this is what happens when you try to re-engineer shit.

11 September, 2006

in memorium

edit: tinkering in an attempt to get rid of the sing-songy end lines...


i have listened to them.
all those who claim
a hold over our sacred
pain. those who see
a single path, unwinding,
heading only the direction
they chose. unyielding,
unbroken. the way.
for all our feet to tread.

i have listened, they
have not heard.

the story is not told
with a single voice.
the way is unmarked
by a single sign.
but all own their share
both greater and small.
for ever does tragedy
belong to us all.

07 September, 2006

rough draft

cheesy, yeah. oh well...


i met my god on the metro
one night when i'd forgotten
to bring a book to read.

(not jesus, he was sitting
at the far end of the train,
reading a pamplet splattered
by his name; his face
a cross of anger and of shame.)

just a reflection
dancing in the windows.

the doors opened
with mysterious words.

06 September, 2006

what's been going on

since my last entry i've moved and my cousin has gotten married. busy, busy, busy.

wedding was fun, as it was well lubricated. though i must say that my uncle's claim of old smuggler being "a good scotch, for the money" is wrong. i suppose this is the downside to enjoying one's vices: not everyone shares your good taste. yet, i can't always carry a bottle of single malt whisky with me when i travel. a tragedy, really.

as for moving, well, it's sheer delight to finally be living with the woman i love so dearly. still need to finish unpacking, but that takes time. of which not much is availible. plus, i'm lazy. granted, my desire to finish unpacking is also fueled by laziness. that is, i'd like to get my reading chair set up and books on the shelves, so that i can more efficently waste time. [grin] found a new pottery studio to work in, so that's good. as an added bonus, since they are a larger shop, with more classes, there are very frequent firings. so less wait time for work. and i can try my hand at working with porcelin or raku. very cool. A also found glass blowing classes, and i think i might give that a try. fascinating craft and i'd like to explore it. think she's interested too, so it will be a fun thing to do together.

that's all for now, as the grind calls. gotta get the work in, since i have to quit work somewhat early to get to class.