23 March, 2007

closer issue closed

papelbon heads back to the bullpen. i think he would have made a good starter, and likely have been more valuable as a starter. but i have to say, i liked the feeling last year: seeing him head to the mound and thinking "good, we've won this one". he says he wants to be the next rivera. i hope so.

the government wants to be your mom and dad

in reading an article on our brave government's continuing crusade to protect kids from the "dangers" of porn being dealt another slap back, i came across this little quote:

"It is not reasonable for the government to expect all parents to shoulder the burden to cut off every possible source of adult content for their children, rather than the government's addressing the problem at its source," a government attorney, Peter D. Keisler, argued in a post-trial brief.
it might be just me, but i find this statement extremely disturbing. essentially, this lawyer is saying it is not reasonable to expect parents to be, well, parents. i'll grant him that it is unreasonable to expect to cut a kid (particularly a dertermined one) off from all access to "adult content", regardless of whether one is a parent or a government agency. particularly as the internet is not the only place to find it (just typically the most convienent). but what disturbs me is the underlying message here: it's the government's job to protect "our children". this is a wrong and, frankly, dangerous idea. it's a parent's job to protect and raise their kids. that means, if one doesn't think there is any harm in, say, your 16 year old looking at porn, then the government doesn't have the right to tell you there is.

repeat after me: it is not the place of the government to be a parent. got that? good.

07 March, 2007

a little spring training humor

for fans of baseball and anime, courtesy of the onion.

06 March, 2007

yo, lentenstuffe

i'll certainly abide by your wishes, perplexed as i am by them. would you like me to de-link as well?

if you'd let me know how i offended thee, i'd appreciate it, though you've certainly no obligation to do so.

01 March, 2007

the weather

i know i'm now farther south than i used to be. still, isn't it a bit early for a thunderstorm? thundersnow would be fine (mostly because it's cool, in an eerie sort of way), but i'm not quite ready for a thunderstorm.

ah well. back to dealing with discrepancies.