06 March, 2007

yo, lentenstuffe

i'll certainly abide by your wishes, perplexed as i am by them. would you like me to de-link as well?

if you'd let me know how i offended thee, i'd appreciate it, though you've certainly no obligation to do so.


SwingLowSweetDeej said...

twif, link me all you want, but as you can see my blog is updated at something far less frequent than sporadically.

twiffer said...

thanks deej.

topazz said...


You aren't the only one, nor the first. I don't know what transpired in your case, but just to let you know I also had an encounter with our Irish friend...he more or less felt my presence on his blog was akin to stalking him, i.e. I was visiting too often, according to his site meter stats. Although it truly shocked me that he would think that, I certainly won't hang around if someone is perceiving me that way - and I haven't been back since.

A shame, because I truly enjoyed the guy's wit and writing. His change of heart seemed to come out of virtually nowhere - I still don't understand it, but can only conclude that in his mind, anyone from the fray is the enemy now.

twiffer said...

interesting. since he's decided not to tell me, i can only conclude it was due to my last reply to one of his stories being either not praising enough or too flippant. if that's the case, then i've no desire to post there anyway.

maximo said...

perhaps taking a page from heelers, who also tends to delete comments.

one of my comments was deleted as well.

but i dunno. most comments don't hurt a blog--just the opposite.

i confess i did delete one of his comments from my blog, but only because it referred to me by an alternic.