21 December, 2006


mmm...tea, toast, cloth-bound cheddar, stilton and salami.



Keifus said...

Toast...is good. We've been over this, right? And now I'm hungry, you bastard.


august said...

We had many kinds of cheese for the holiday. A goat cheese with hints of almond and ash (in a good way), a gruyere, alpenzeller, others i'm not remembering because I drank too much port. Thought of you. Best to you and yours.

twiffer said...

keif: christ, i hope you ate something while i was on vacation.

august: mmmm...port (damn, and i'm out). that genetic mutation that keeps most humans lactose tolerant past weaning is such a blessing, for it allows us to enjoy cheese. and cheese is good. so very good.

my folks, having had to feed 3 boys during their teenage years, still retain the idea that quantity trumps quality. it's not that they don't appreciate the good stuff (except in the case of beer, oddly enough); they just tend not to want to spend the money on it. but, there is a whole foods near them, so i was able to get some good stilton. it didn't last terribly long. alas, they were out of shopshire blue (one of my favorite english blue cheeses). i'm not sure they'd go for goat cheese though, as it's a bit strong for 'em. i'm not overfond of it myself. but gruyere and appenzeller are good. i also like caerphilly, when i can get it.

topazz said...

mmmmmm. velveeta.

twiffer said...

topazz, don't force me to delete you.