02 January, 2007

happy new year

joy. back at work. where's my coffee?

it's, well, not amazing...interesting, how quickly accustomed one gets to not working when you take a week off. though i think it's not so much the having to work that is undesirable, as it is having to turn the alarm clock back on. that just sucks; i hate those things.

anyway, hope the holidays were enjoyed by all.


topazz said...

Ugh. Tell it like it is, work sucks - I don't care how much you like your chosen field. I had almost 3 weeks off so I'm really hurtin' being back here today.

That, plus they made the college a smoke-free campus as of yesterday, and all the smokers are stomping around here all pissed off. Being an occasional smoker (I have one after lunch, usually) I can't wait till the students come back from winter break and re-institute it again. Cause there ain't no way they're going to follow that rule.

twiffer said...

smoke free as in, you can't even smoke outside? cause that's not going to last.

three weeks off, i'm not sure i could go back.