12 April, 2007

imus fired

this was also to be expected. i don't have anything to add, other than i personally advocate firing all morning radio talkshow hosts. not because they are offensive, but because i've always hated the entire concept of morning talk shows on radio stations that i tune to for music. whomever thought that i might prefer to listen to a couple of idiots yammering, first thing in the morning, deserves an unpleasant afterlife.


Thomas Paine said...

I agree, although I would not limit my distaste to morning radio.

Same sort of crap seems to be on all day, and then there are the TV versions as well.

Something wrong with our society when blowhard assholes dominate what passes for entertainment and information!

twiffer said...

i think it's part & parcel of the "squeeky wheel" syndrome. the reason we seem so divisively devided is that most people are moderate. so, to get noticed, one must venture out to the fringes. so conventional wisdom goes, at least.

so, we get blowhards in positions of prominence. cause they're louder, mostly. meanwhile, most folk just ignore 'em. as well as anything else that doesn't directly affect their lives. i'm as guilty of this as anyone else.

Keifus said...

TP: Hey! (oh, you said "dominate")

twiff: This is exactly why I gave up and started to listen to NPR, even before my commute was long. I was left wondering why I'm flipping around for a choice for morning DJ patter, when, frankly, I think every last one of them is uninformative and retarded.

Archaeopteryx said...

See, all these comments are right on target, and on top of the mind-numbing crap coming out of the mouths of the radio "personalities" is the endless string of commercials that play between every song. The last thing I need first thing in the morning is some idiot screaming at me about a sale on four-wheelers at the local Kawasaki dealership.

Reese said...

what bugs me about the morning djs is that they speak as though nobody's listening, ie: they'll often say things that have the overall structure of a witty comment or a joke, but there's nothing whatsoever funny in anything they've said.