16 July, 2007


what's the best way to spend a 90° day? why, outside, throwing 1800° pots into a trash can full of straw! what, you had to ask?

yesterday was the first time i've participated in a raku firing. and it was a hell of a lot of fun. i'll definately sign up for the next one. anyway, here's some pictures. enjoy!

first things first. gotta practice moving pots:

pots are red-hot and ready to move to the cans for reduction:

what happens when red-hot pots are thrown on hay? fire!

once the pots are all in the can, we close the lid and let them reduce:

and then, after about half an hour, we've got the find everything hidden in the smoldering straw:

one of the best features of raku firing is instant gratification. or sorrow, if your pot cracks from the thermal shock. lucky for me, the kiln gods liked me and all 5 of my pots survived:

small bowl; Roger's Black (Stoneware/Raku)

large bowl; Red-Bronze (Stoneware/Raku)

squared bowl; White Crackle (Stoneware/Raku)

tea cup; Hawaiian Blue (Stoneware/Raku)

vase; Copper Penny (Stoneware/Raku)


Winter said...

So pretty.


twiffer said...

hi winter. glad you like 'em. if you haven't already, you can check the pottery label and see some of my other work.