12 October, 2006

just for you claude

i'm watching the mets game.

granted, i am hoping they lose...


Claude Scales said...

Well, your wish wasn't granted that night.

Right now, I seem to be getting my wish for rain in St. Louis, so Glavine can get four days' rest.

august said...


You got your wish.

I was going to say we should continue the discussion on fray, because it is easier for me to check in, but I'm totally unable to post this morning. Perhaps you could write an entry here and we could use the comments to discuss?

As I recall, the issue at hand was transformation vs. rearrangement, and I asked you about igneous v. metamorphic rocks. How do they work? How do scientists distinguish different degrees of change? Is this model a helpful metaphor for talking about human change?

twiffer said...

yes, i did. [grin]

yeah, i can write about that. better than unit testing lookup rules.