03 October, 2006

reports of my demise

have been greatly exgagerated.

okay, so only one report, and not me but this blog. it's still here, so if you can see it, comment. if you can't, well, then you can't see this: :-P


Anonymous said...

I think it may only be the link that's busted, even though it worked before. I was able to follow the profile view here, and it worked when I entered it in directly.

This sporadic stuff happens with others too. I'd assumed it was their site, but maybe not.



twiffer said...

that reminds me, i have to remove the link to bacon's page. he did delete his, upon the realization that he had a blog.

obfuscati said...

hark, hark! your profile and your blog can be seen lying in a field of ungulating agricultural verdure in the wilds of gnu caledonia!