27 February, 2007

the news remains behind the times

dear god, why are people being paid to write stuff like this? all of you nice people who read my blog...did you know that you aren't supposed to be out here, posting on the web? you're too old and it's unnatural for you. oh, likely for me too, since i turned 30 last june.

dear ill-informed human interest story writers: inhibition is not necessarily a factor of age. nor of generation. moreover, even if this were a subject worthy of an article, it was worthy, oh, 5, 10 years ago.

please repeat until it is knocked into your head: not every teen has a myspace page/live journal/blog. not every human has an iPod. not every human like text messages on their cell phone (not every human has a cell phone). not every adult is afraid of the internet.

stop writing this crap. it's irritating.


Keifus said...

On the other hand, some guy in the article has been studying the phenomenon since 1993. What a coincidence, so have I! I wish they mentioned just how the dude was getting funding...


twiffer said...

wait, we can get paid for this?

Keifus said...

Good lord, what do you think he does to goof off?

topazz said...

it wasn't a "phenomenom" in 1993" because it was still in it's virtual infancy. The internet really didn't become mainstream until 1996 (okay, '94 maybe, for you tecchies) and it wasn't until 2000 that approx. 75% of all households were hooked up to the internet.

PS: I made up all these figures from sheer memory. Still, they sound pretty accurate to me.