01 February, 2007

hey august

(and mszilla, but you are likely already aware of this)

check it out: expansion pack for oblivion. i'm filled with geeky anticipation, cause it looks fucking cool.


august said...

Hey twif,

When you said "expansion pack for oblivion" I assumed you meant a really good deal on bourbon.

What's Oblivion?

twiffer said...

weren't you playing it? or am i confusing you with someone else.

elder scrolls 4, if that helps. if not, then my apologies.

august said...

No need to apologize, but I think you have me confused with someone else. My idea of video games is Dalek, minesweeper, or Free Cell. My uncle made me a Sim City fan for a while, but I only play on his computer, and I seldom see him.

But I share your joy nevertheless.

twiffer said...

i think i do. or i'm just confused in general.

ah well.

topazz said...

Come on now, twif..."filled with geeky anticipation" kind of fits even without that big ole "expansion pack" ...

twiffer said...

topazz: you have a dirty, dirty mind. for shame!

this is a serious discussion about, uh, pretend worlds, dammit! it's no place for frivolity!

twiffer said...

august: aside...i take it bourbon is your whiskey of choice? i like knob creek, but haven't really explored beyond that (specially considering 12yr old jameson's slakes my thirst for a sweeter whiskey, when i have that sort of thirst).

august said...


Knob Creek and Maker's Mark are the two I like best. If I'm mixing, then Jim Beam (for a Manhattan or the odd Jim and Ginger on hot days).

Hope you made yourself a nice soup. One of my favs is just broiling some veggies, then throwing them into a food processor with sour cream.

Also -- I really like cabbage soup.

twiffer said...

my grandma's drink is a manhattan. [grin]

wanting to make soup and actually doing it are two different things. need to go to the grocer should i actually decide to make soup. i've had a craving for onion soup of late. make a good chicken noodle (saffron & tarragon, hooray!) and am working on refining my chowda.

soup is good.

Keifus said...

My grandmother's drink is a manhattan too. (I mentioned this once before, didn't I?) Her husband, my raving brilliant grandfather, drank really stiff martinis, the manly companion of the New York island.

But it was the manhattans that trickled down and spread to the rest of us. Everyone in my family prefers to take them back when they tipple the hard booze. Which in my family is fairly often: my grandmother, still quite alive, has a couple every afternoon.

Me, I like 'em best with Canadian whiskey, however. (If straight up, will go with Ok bourbon, however).


twiffer said...

grandma uses canadian rye whiskey herself.

me, i like scotch. preferably lagavulin. and martinis: gin (preferably sapphire) and just a whisper of vermouth. that's the only thing that is actually a martini, damnit. no, topazz, i'm not going to argue the point. cause i'm right. [grin]

Maximo said...

booze & oblivion. heh.