08 February, 2007

why i cannot work in customer service

this article, sent me by my friend and yours, the elusive Please_Panic, sums it up nicely. simply put, i don't deal well with such blatant stupidity. read this again:

Atlantic Theatres in Atlantic Beach, Florida, received a complaint from a woman who'd seen the advertised title as she drove past with her niece. She said that it had made her niece ask her what a vagina was.

The theatre's Bryce Pfanenstiel commented: 'I'm on the phone and asked “What did you tell her?” She's like, “I'm offended I had to answer the question.”'
i'm sorry, but what sort of people are these? she had to explain to HER NIECE what a vagina is? shouldn't her niece already know? how does this woman stand the existence of commericals for yeast infection medications?

anyway, if i was in charge of this theater, i would have succumbed to the massive public pressure of one complaint as well. except, i would have changed the marquee to read either "The Cunt Monologues" or "The Twat Monologues". just to drive home the old proverb "be careful what you wish for".

also, "hoohaa" makes me think of that movie where the guy who isn't deniro plays a blind guy that says "hoo-aaaahhh" all the time.

EDIT: al pacino. why i cannot ever remember his name is just a mystery. plus, the movie is "scent of a woman" and that revalation about "hoohaa" just put a whole new, and dirty, spin on that film.


Keifus said...

Tidbit: the private school scenes of "Scent of a Woman" were filmed in Troy NY. I lived across the street from that place for a couple of years. The room came with a coffee table made from one of their stolen signs. (Good times, needless to say.)

That film should have killed Pacino's career. You can feel the ridiculous hoo-ahh in every character he's played since.


TenaciousK said...

Well Twif, I thing you're onto something here.

I believe we should draft switters into writing a play called "The TWAT monologues", based on the war on terror of course.

Isn't notoriety really just a form of advertising? Bring on the Picketers!

I think we should open in the town of my birth.

topazz said...

What is this? The men's locker room? You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

I'm offended by both your post and the subsequent comments, AND your word verification below, which seems to be jumping on the mocking vagina bandwagon, as it appears to spell out cryptically:

ws n a t c hgty

The vagina is a holy place. Please pull out of this meaningless discussion. As for me, I shall continue to click the handicapped button until I receive a less misogynistic word choice.

Keifus said...

The vagina is a what place? Oh, man. A thousand no comments.

phcktha: you sicko!