06 September, 2006

what's been going on

since my last entry i've moved and my cousin has gotten married. busy, busy, busy.

wedding was fun, as it was well lubricated. though i must say that my uncle's claim of old smuggler being "a good scotch, for the money" is wrong. i suppose this is the downside to enjoying one's vices: not everyone shares your good taste. yet, i can't always carry a bottle of single malt whisky with me when i travel. a tragedy, really.

as for moving, well, it's sheer delight to finally be living with the woman i love so dearly. still need to finish unpacking, but that takes time. of which not much is availible. plus, i'm lazy. granted, my desire to finish unpacking is also fueled by laziness. that is, i'd like to get my reading chair set up and books on the shelves, so that i can more efficently waste time. [grin] found a new pottery studio to work in, so that's good. as an added bonus, since they are a larger shop, with more classes, there are very frequent firings. so less wait time for work. and i can try my hand at working with porcelin or raku. very cool. A also found glass blowing classes, and i think i might give that a try. fascinating craft and i'd like to explore it. think she's interested too, so it will be a fun thing to do together.

that's all for now, as the grind calls. gotta get the work in, since i have to quit work somewhat early to get to class.


Claude Scales said...

Old Smuggler, eh? Reminds me of my law school days, when the staple Scotch was King George IV, which liquor stores in Massachusetts were selling for $4 and change in those days. A friend who stocked up on the stuff before his infamous dorm room TGIFs said he'd read somewhere that it was the best selling Scotch in Scotland.

Five years later I toured Scotland and found out he was right. Just about every bar had a huge bottle of the stuff mounted upside down with a little tap at the bottom, and a big label that just said "KG IV." I was sitting at a bar in Oban, a small fishing port on the West Coast, when the crew of a Japanese boat came in. The captain gestured at the bottle and said to his crew, "KG Four. You try this whiskey, KG Four." They obeyed.

I'm delighted to hear you're moving in with your true love, but hope this doesn't mean you'll foresake the Red Sox for the Orioles or Nats.

See you in Philly.

twiffer said...

forsake the sox!?!?!?!

speak not such blaspehmy!

as for the KG Four, well, bud light is the best selling beer in the US. [grin]

maximo said...

oh good. this blog is active.

i know, blogger.com is like the kid's cartoon version of other blogs, but i just can't get the hang of livejournal.

Keifus said...

Well, "for the money," that phrase can carry a lot of wiggle room. For the money in college, it was Early Times whiskey (not scotch, but close enough at that price), which still makes me chuckle. Though I rarely got beer for the money.

Bud Light would be an even bigger travesty if beer were called "America Juice." (Even if it is, in fact, America juice.)

But yeah, cohabitation: it's for all the good reasons by the sound of it, so congrats.


maximo said...

oh yeah... you don't mind being linked from me as a navel-gazer, do you? i do it for my own reference. but i can as easily remove it. just lemme know.

twiffer said...

i don't mind.

just stop changing your name, damnit.


and everyone's link list is for personal reference.