19 September, 2006

work rant (minor)

how on earth am i expected to get anything done on time when a) people keep giving me additional things to do; b) people keep scheduling meetings; c) no one in this fucking company knows jack shit about these products or the admin systems they are on. including the people who maintain those systems.

very frustrating. my contact for aid on the systems i'm trying to read turns out to not be my contact, nor knowledgable enough to help me anyway. the existing extract programs i've been modifying are utter shit. the batch jobs take half a freakin' day to run, an hour or so to upload and format the results. and the ba's don't know what they are missing till they see it isn't there. i may have to kill one of them; she's driving me batty. too detail oriented: the sort of person who needs to understand something completely in order to understand it at all. we don't have time for that.

i feel like people aren't reading my email updates. i also feel people think i'm slacking off, when i'm working consistent 10 hour days, sometimes longer. i know everyone is stressed because this project has crept way out of hand, but still has to adhere to the original target dates because it's strategic (and therefore meddled in by the higher-ups). but really, it's driving me up a wall.

this is what happens when you try to re-engineer shit.


tiger barbs said...

visit scenic mongolia!

i like it!

you know this guy?

twiffer said...

hehe. the sad thing is, they don't want me to quit. and my manager is just as frustrated with this damn project.

tiger barbs said...

it's not really that they [generic] want you [generic] to quit, it's just that some managers are so clueless.

i wonder if they need good people in mongolia....

twiffer said...

heh. probably.

nah, this one is "strategic" which, of course, translates to "destined to fail because the CIO knows about it and is paying attention (oh, and meddling)". so, you know, we have to stick the the schedule based off a zero level estimate on replatforming a system that no on in the company knows anything about.

what fun.