07 September, 2006

rough draft

cheesy, yeah. oh well...


i met my god on the metro
one night when i'd forgotten
to bring a book to read.

(not jesus, he was sitting
at the far end of the train,
reading a pamplet splattered
by his name; his face
a cross of anger and of shame.)

just a reflection
dancing in the windows.

the doors opened
with mysterious words.


maximo said...

oh. a handsome devil, was he?

twiffer said...

depends on who you ask.


maximo said...

it's a good one. (esp. 'cos it's short.)

mine have been too verbose. i have a feeling i'll never get back to my jackson pollack rhyme.

ah well. the muse is fleeting.

twiffer said...

fleeting or fleeing?

there is a time and place for verbosity. not something to be frowned upon right out.

maximo said...

oh i frown upon it, sir! i frown upon it most vigorously!