03 January, 2007

it's gerald ford's fault...sorta

normally, i'm not one to speak ill of the dead, let alone blame them for anything. today's production issue, however, is entirely gerald ford's fault.

why? because he died. near a holiday. and they had his "national day of mourning" yesterday. thus, the stock market treated yesterday as a holiday. right after a holiday. after a weekend. this is a problem, because it wasn't an offical holiday, and therefore not in the holiday table that a certain bit of code i once wrote references to see if prices exist for any variable funds on a particular date.

last friday is the most recent date that has prices. were yesterday listed as a holiday in the table, the code would loop back to friday. since it wasn't, we error out.

how then, is this ford's fault, instead of the fault of whomever is supposed to update the holiday table? because he decided to die at year-end. when all the year-end financial processing jobs are running. so no one was was about to change tables in the middle of that, lest it screw up something.

damn you gerald ford! even from beyond the grave, you strike at me!

EDIT: 12/5 as claude notes, it's actually nixon's fault. or spiro agnew's.


Claude Scales said...

No! No! No!

Nixon's the one.

If Nixon hadn't chosen Ford to be his VP to replace Agnew, Ford wouldn't have become President. But for that, Ford would never have been enveloped in the protective cocoon that surrounds ex-Presidents. He might even have decided to play football without a helmet again for old time's sake. In any event, I'm sure that being an ex-President was worth a few extra years of life.

twiffer said...

ah, i see. you are very wise, sir claude. it most certainly is nixon's fault. and spiro's too.

we can probably blame kissinger, if we try.

Keifus said...

You remind me of how little I miss that place. It takes little excuse to make it silly.

twiffer said...

"that place"...work?

Keifus said...

Uh, no, I mean The DC metro area. I haven't found a way to stay out of work just yet.


twiffer said...

gotcha. no, this just had to do with ford's day of mourning being treated as a holiday by the stock market. technically, i still work in hartford.

ah, tele-commuting...