22 January, 2007

the radio business sucks

i'd forgotten that WGMS got bought out. WGMS is, er, was the classical music station i streamed during the day. not the best, but it was the local one. so i listened. no more.

about 20 minutes ago, it suddenly became a crappy classic rock station. i hate this. i can deal with stations changing ownership and thus format. but why the hell do they have to change the format in the middle of the fucking day? i'll never understand this. what if i listened in the car, and suddenly the station is playing different music on the afternoon commute than it was on the morning drive? it's confusing and rude.

anyway, fuck you new owners, for putting yet another classic rock station on the air. bastards. i'm back to streaming from king FM. so what if i get the weather and news from seattle? at least i get good music.


topazz said...

Great profile picture of you. It totally belies the Oscar-the-Grouch side of you.

(backing up your claim that sometimes you lie in your profile)

I lied in my profile too. I'm not as glittering and hard as I appear over there---->

twiffer said...

more akin to quartz, eh?

MsZilla said...

I love KING.

And since our weather and yours hasn't been as far apart lately as one would hope, you should be alright as long as you look out the window first before making plans. ;)

TenaciousK said...

When the Republicans relaxed media ownership regulations, they opened the door to editorial influence via advertising strongarming by large corporate interests and 18,000 homogenous, bland, trite stations who are all attempting to appeal to an increasingly narrow least-common-denominator. It's sort of like what's happened with recording artists, only more abrupt.

Commercialization of art blows, because the easy sell is always what appeals to the greatest number of people - no matter how bad their taste happens to be.

I hope satellite radio eventually becomes accessible to small-time broadcasters.