21 June, 2007

expect hit & runs to increase in austin

accidents happen. rather often, actually. generally, it is taken as a good thing to actually stay at the scene of an accident and make sure everyone is okay. it seems, however, that is not the case in austin, tx.

now, i'm of the mind that, upon hitting a child with your car, getting out to check on him and make sure you didn't kill or seriously hurt him is laudable. no one wants to run over a kid (well, usually). so, upon seeing a driver get out and check on said injured child, what is the reaction of bystanders? to try and beat the fuck out of the driver. and to then beat his passenger to death, for the sin of trying to prevent them from beating the fuck out of the driver. nice going folks. way to insure no one will ever stop again, if they think they hit someone.

meanwhile, the kid is hurt, but not too badly.


sydbristow said...

I saw that. Stunning. Outrageous. Otherworldly.

There's a tendency to leap to a bunch of conclusions here, and it's something a rant and rave about (conclusion from a sample of 1), but I want to say that America is an angry and confused place right now. Like nothing is going right and besides that, the Mexicans are taking over.

Or not, just a bunch of pedestrians that got a chance to kill someone, free.

twiffer said...

considering there was a street festival going on, i strongly suspect alcohol was involved. someone probably thought the kid was killed, cause you know, he got hit by a car. and then went into lynch mob mode (hey, it's texas after all). that's nothing new, as far as behavioral patterns go. but i do think it's going to induce people to not bother stopping and trying to do the right thing, should they be in an accident.

Persephone said...

So, instead of "keep Austin weird" it will now be "keep Austin homicidal?"

sydbristow said...

more crucially, hit & runs? not like mothers-in-law where you pluralize the first word, hits and run? no, that doesn't work, does it.

an update on the Drudge page, at least earlier, now saying it had nothing to do with the festival, and could be anywhere from two to twenty involved, including some guy who pulled his car over to get in a few kicks. sad, sad, stuff.

twiffer said...

hey lovely one. hmmm...doesn't have the same cachet. but homicide is sort of weird, so maybe they won't have to change the slogan.

syd: nah, hit & run is used as a single type descriptor: more hit & run accidents. so to shorten, it would be hit & runs. mob mentality is brutal, isn't it?