21 June, 2007

the pluses and minues of last night's sox game

plus: they won, in resounding fashion. despite airing on ESPN. perse thinks it's time for me to put my ongoing superstition about them always losing when ESPN airs to game to rest. however, this is the first wed. night one i've caught, so i'm just not sure i can do that yet.

minus: since it was on ESPN, they cut to every-fucking-single sammy sosa at bat. i understand that it's a national broadcast, but still...who's watching other than sox and braves fans? and i would have been fine with a split-screen or PIP cut. but no, they completely fucking cut over, so i have no idea what in the name of god is going on in the game i want to watch. bastards. lingered far too long on the after homerun celebration too.

plus: another good night for coco. tough one for lugo, cause he got some bad breaks. but better swings from him, so that's good. i like drew in the lead-off spot too. drew, pedrioia, papi, manny, youk...keep that as the 1-5 even when lowell plays.

minus: espn's announcers suck. and the psuedo-conspiracy theory they tried to start, regarding tavarez wiping his sweaty head before most pitches, was just wrong. and rude.

plus: tavarez pitched a damn good game. if we can keep getting near this production out him in the 5 spot, that's fantastic.

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