12 June, 2007

a few vacation shots

these were taken by perse. mine are mostly b&w film, and so still need to be developed. enjoy:

orient beach:

view from our villa:

at the butterfly farm:


Winter said...

I really like being a work and seeing people's vacation pictures.

No, really, I'm being serious.

twiffer said...

happy to oblige

topazz said...

wow - what a gorgeous view. Is that an infinity pool on your private terrace there?

Keifus said...

Looks fabulous.

Do they really farm butterflies? Whatever do they use them for?


twiffer said...

topazz: no, it isn't. think the place was built before those came into fashion

keifus: they use them to pick the pockets of tourists. but still fun to look at, nonetheless.

sydbristow said...

can't help you with the hostas, but thanks for those pictures. especially saba, we took a catamaran there for a day trip (we were based at dawn beach, just down the coast from where you were). there's a trail to the top of the "mountain" from which you have a beautiful view of the island and the ocean. also the island airport as i recall, which is on a bit of a plateau and is known, we were told, as having the shortest runway in the world among airports handling international flights (hey, if you miss it, you miss it, as the guy says).