22 June, 2007

some more recent work

this week's batch of pots. the oilspot ran a bit (er, a lot, acutally) and my attempt to manufacture purple on the interior of the tea bowls failed (too much cobalt carbonate and not enough reduction). on the other hand, the temmoku came out damn near perfect. enjoy:

Planter/Cache Pot: Gustin Shino w/wax resist

Vase: Oilspot combo

Pair of tea bowls: Light Blue Matte exterior; Oxblood w/cobalt carbonate interior

Small bowl: Red Shino

Bowl: Temmoku


Andres Carl Sena said...


Keifus said...

(1) The bowl you call Temmoku looks pretty badass.

(2) That tree you're in looks real familiar. Near a pond? I think I have a shot of my daughter in teh same one..


pdufsqrl: paduan for squirrels (rats?)

twiffer said...

andres: thanks!

keif: 1) temmoku is the name of the glaze. it's an iron-rich glaze, which gives it that luster and nearly black brown color; also the rust color on the rim. but yeah, that's the best one of the batch. 2) actually, that's on the grounds of blarney castle. but it is a big hemlock.