23 August, 2007

am i evil

for thinking this is really funny?



Keifus said...

Yes, but you are a funny, evil man. So it's OK.

Grant Miller said...

I think you're evil for other reasons.

FYI: I'm going to see the Sox vs. the Sawks on Sunday.

Claude Scales said...

His immune system will benefit. So will his aesthetic sense.

twiffer said...

keif: well, that's good.

grant: hey, i paid you not to talk about that...that means no hints either. enjoy the game. i've been enjoying the series so far.

oh, will you be one of the sign people?

claude: two very important things. specially aesthetics.

topazz said...

that's very funny! He's so cute, I just want to squeeze him. You might also want to consider ordering this one for those days when he gets out on the wrong side of the crib.

Beth said...

Nope. I giggled ... and I'm a saint.

catnapping said...

i get squeak overload everytime i come over here. i'm brimming with oxytocin, twif.

he's a cutie, no doubt about it. and as a breast-fed baby, he'll be a healthy cutie.

topazz said...

I can't believe I'm doing this, but I've actually been clicking on your blog only to look at your adorable baby's picture again. He is so gosh darn cute, I'm addicted!

Or else I'm borderline stalking, in which case I willingly turn myself in.

rundeep said...


It's fine. And you are not alone. When I was a young mother with an infant, I found myself in the liquor store with the kid in the baby bjorn. The clerk asked me jokingly if I was drinking and nursing. I said yes, being really frigging tired. The 70ish waspy fellow behind me in line, with his madras plaid pants and horn-rimmed glasses said in a sincere voice: "Lucky kid." The whole place cracked up.

And yes, he is most adorable.

ed37 said...

Another customer in the making. I love this country.

Handsome little guy. Congratulations to 'Seph and to you.

Kevin Fournier said...

En garde: dueling cute baby picture now uploaded to clock.quiblit.com

Let the games begin.