17 August, 2007

my VP is an asshole

so, despite being on FMLA leave, i find myself, once more, working. apparently, one of the projects i'm on decided to start having issues right after i started leave. and, it seems my boss got chewed out by our VP because i'm out of the office. what was i thinking? obvivously, i should have scheduled my son's birth after the production release date (i'm sure perse would have been happy to carry the little guy for another month and a half). didn't i know the project was in danger of going red?

the end result though, is the shit hit the fan and i get to clean it up. since much of my time is currently allocated to shit cleaning anyway, i suppose i'm best qualified for the task. i mean, i still have to test, but it took me (sleep-deprived and all) a whole, maybe, 3 hours to analyze the problems and fix them. obviously, my expertise was needed.

so, what happened? well, i got two defect tickets to tackle. one was an oversight: a derived field in the host extract module that was left alone because calcs would, well, calc the correct value. alas, there is a particular output that is pre-calcs and thus needs the correct value straight from the host. took a whole ten minutes to analyze and fix.

the second defect resulted from the fact that a drunken monkey designed the structure of the test environments. basically, the host has one more test environment than the server world. not only do they not match, but while the server progression is linear, the host code promotion is, well, a zig-zag. basically, i did't realize they were moving code to the next level, and that lower levels don't pick up all the higher levels. apparently, this is supposed support parallel development, but i'll be damned if i can see how it does. it's supposed to allow them to run QA and INT cycles concurrently, with out INT being affected by the changes in QA. but, QA is going to hit PROD first, so why the fuck would you not want those changes picked up? seriously? what the fuck? so, basically, by moving my code to QA, INT stopped working, because it was defaulting to running the production code. i cannot emphasis how fucking stupid this is.

assholes. i might have been able to do this a bit faster, but seriously, anyone else on the host team could have figured it out. but, they weren't specifically assigned to it, so why should they look? better to interrupt my leave time, obviously. i'm particularly pissed off about the last problem because the people running the test job should have known what was happening.

other news from this week:

  • wow, how can something so small shit so much?
  • who ever invented the pacifier damn well better have been sainted
  • damn he's cute
  • really, he's damn cute, even if he's still got night and day reversed


TenaciousK said...

Congratulations, Twif - to you and Persephone both.

Now you've found out, and will again every day, what the rest of us have been inelegantly trying to express.

I'm very happy for both of you.

Beth said...

You know, I think your employers may be breaking a law or seven by having you work while you're on FMLA. You should check it out and keep that in your back pocket for when you need it.

Welcome, baby!

twiffer said...

beth: hmm...you might have a point. i thought it just meant they couldn't fire me. my direct manager was extraordinarly apolegetic and offered to either extend my leave or have me make it up with "unofficial" vacation later on. i did tell him he could call me for emergancy situations though. just wasn't expecting them to come up (silly me) or for it to me more than a question i could answer on the phone.

Dennis said...

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