13 August, 2007



august said...

holy smokes!

is that yours? a twifkin? a sephlit?

at any rate, it's even cuter than hipparchia's cats

Keifus said...



Schadenfreude said...

You call that an excuse for not updating your blog?


Cute kid, though.

Anonymous said...


bright (can't remember password)

Grant Miller said...

Wow! Amazing! Congratulations! But watch out. The summers my daughters were born (2000, 2003) the White Sox went from first to second or third and missed the playoffs.


catnapping said...

Is that one of those one-size-fits-all pacifiers?

i didn't know you were expecting. congratulations on the gnu twifflette.

Thy Goddess said...

Awww...What a cutie!

Congrats and best wishes.

Archaeopteryx said...

Wow! A tiny little wildebeest. And a handsome one, too!

twiffer said...

all: thanks. he is a cutie. i believe the proper term is persephongnu.

august: of course. cats've got nothing on my son.

keif: thanks

schad: sorry, you're right of course. i figured no one would want goopy expectant dad stories, but you've shown me the error of my ways and i'll be sure to plaster this page with google-eyed purple-prose and advice on how to remove spit-up stains. also, daily updates on bowel movements.

bright: thanks! he's a bit messy though, not so neat...[grin]

grant: thanks! also, that's cause they're the wrong sox.

cat: yep. hospital issue, but free!

goddess: thanks! what, no divine blessing? [grin] please don't smite me.

twiffer said...

arch: thanks! yes, it's baby gnus.

Anonymous said...

Great Odin's Ravens!

How'd you manage to spawn a Phillie Phanatic?

And where will you put the damned turtles?

Sometimes Saintly Nick said...

I came over from the blog of Self-Absorbed Boomer to add my congratulations and blessings.

rundeep said...

I was wondering when that guy was gonna pop! (Okay, congratulate me now for keeping a secret on the Fray.)

Much, much happiness. (Which in my experience, begins to occur around 5-6 weeks, when it's clear they will sleep through the night).


topazz said...



So, so happy for both of you. What did you name him? Michael seems to be popular these days - a perennial favorite.

hipparchia said...

[but probably more work than hipparchia's cats]

congratulations, twif and perse!