19 August, 2007

another psa

i'm temporarily removing forum comments. not that many of you used the feature anyway. but, it seems there has been a spat (the origins of which ellude me and are likely remarkably stupid anyway) between some users and he-who-hosted-the-forum (aka schad). so, until schad sets up shop somewhere else, you'll have only blogger comments as an option. which is what most of you were doing anyway.

so, carry on.

and, cause i can't help myself...

EDIT (19 aug 2007 @ 4:17pm): for bacon. see? nothing to hide. [grin]


Kevin Fournier said...

I'm curious -- any pictures without a soother in his sucker? Makes me think you're hiding something (a tiny Hitler moustache, maybe?)

Awful cute, tho.

also: [sigh]

twiffer said...

yes. but then he's got a bottle in his mouth.


nah, i just liked that one. i'm trying to restrain myself. then again, baby pictures seem to be more interesting than baseball posts.

also: yeah. oh well.

topazz said...

don't you feel one ounce of guilt over that pacifier. In exchange for a good nights sleep I highly encouraged my kids to use them - my daughter was the only one who took me up on it and she had about five of the little suckers that she used regularly until she was about two years old.

(I think it was right around then that I caught her watching Sesame Street and she had all 5 of the pacifiers lined up beside her in front of the tv ("they're watching with me") that I first realized that psychotherapy was in our future.) But hey, that's what health insurance is for, right?

twiffer said...

topazz: oh, don't worry, i don't. those things are a small miracle. but yeah, it's in a lot of pictures.

postmenopausal said...

][squeaky voice] he is soooooo KEWT. these photos make me wish i could get pregnant all over again. [/squeaky voice]

good thing i'm no longer fertile.

august said...

Wow, look at that hair!

The baby's cute, too.

Keifus said...

Enjoy it while you got it, Twiff.

I loved all the carrying doodads--those things were lifesavers, whether it was the jiggle-chair you have junior in, or the kid suitcase (the one that was a carseat with a handle, shuttling the littlun from the car to the restaurant we didn't quit on yet), the swing. Later, there was this little rollaround dealie (the hamster ball) that little legs could use to scoot across the kitchen floor.

Good times (but twice was enough for me).

twiffer said...

keif: i've got one of those baby bjiorns. he falls asleep as soon as you strap him in. most excellent.

switters said...


At the christening I'll present him his gift (the new Beastie Boys album, and an autographed copy of Mystery Men).

In case you missed it.

Oswalt On Childbirth

Solid! (Hey to m'lady, 'sephequicious [a new online service I'm offering where I ghetto-ize people's names so they don't feel all that "white guilt". You're welcome.].)

rundeep said...

Damn. He is cute. Keif: I remember all that stuff! Each baby's got a jones for it's own thing. I had a friend who used to put the bouncy seat on the washer during the spin cycle because the vibration put the tot to sleep. Go figure.

Grant Miller said...

Aww. So sweet. Can I get in on this spat?

twiffer said...

rundeep: hah! our bouncy chair has vibration included. which is good, cause the laundry is down the hall and costs 50 cents a load.

grant: of course you can. just go here and start arguing with people. a top post stating that either schad is right or dawn is right will do nicely. don't worry about knowing what the hell is going on, it'll only slow you down.