17 November, 2006

After Dinner

After Dinner

You open yourself as
uncorked wine, pour out
that subtle, supple, sensual
secret stuff inside; passion
bottled fluid, flowing, enfolding
the shrunken space between
us. Two tongues linger, languorous
wrapping together, tasting

I lay drunk with you.


Keifus said...

Voyeurism aside, I (again) like this one. You've got a liquid flow of the words going, which is cool, because that is also what you are talking about. And a conversation as a French kiss, and sex like wine, yummy. A good conversation could (should maybe) be erotic like that.


twiffer said...

should be, but only with a certain, select, person. [grin]

glad you enjoyed it, even if you now need a cold shower.