17 November, 2006



In Sunday school, they taught
me with allegory. How the wise
men built homes upon the rise
and ridge of solid rock;
how the foolish staked their claim
below, and on the plain
made treacherous homes.
The shifting silt and sand
was unfit for those who thought
beyond having water close at hand.

So, the story sings
that stony perch is where
our soul should sit. Firm
on the rock where the Word
was first writ.

I learned something, though
not the lesson they sought.

Sand was stone, stone will
be sand and sand again
will return to rock.


Keifus said...

Hey, here's your geologic poetry. It's not metamorphic exactly, but here with the cyclical thing. For what it's worth, this one got to me a lot more than the other Ouroboros types below. (You should think someday about where grog comes from.)

My rhythm was thrown off in the second stanza with the "sit" and "writ" rhyming at the wrong places. Also, if I'd written this, I'd have also had to add "on tablets of stone" at the end of that stanza.

I like the twist on the established wisdom. Gives this one the kick it needs

twiffer said...

grog the drink, or grog the bits of ground bisque added to the clay body?

as for the sit/writ rhyme, i wanted to keep "Firm" on the same line. didn't think about tablets of stone though, cause it was mostly drawn from the lyrics of that sunday school song.

Keifus said...

Shit, meant to say "you should write about..." as it seems to be a theme you like. Also 'cuz you do pottery.

Not that there's anything wrong with the other kind of grog, either. Yo-ho-ho.