10 November, 2006

buncha poems

these have been kicking around on my hard drive. you may have read some of them. thought about giving each a seperate post, but, well, i'm lazy. enjoy (or don't):

EDIT: 11/17 apparently, i should break these up. so i shall.

[poof! they're gone!]


Keifus said...

The problem here twif, is that you posted 117 of these at once. I've been coming back, but I'm not even half through yet. Comments as I feel like, then.

It's got the alphabetal prime spot, but After Dinner is actually a tough one to start on. It feels so damn sensual and intimate, I feel like a peeping Tom as I read the thing.

But I do like it. Conversation as sex and wine. Liquid, sensual--it flows like that, which is a cool effect. I hope you read it to your girlfriend.

I liked Coffee Break too. It was well suited to the crappy November day on which I perused (and it's like that today as well, but warmer), and again, the short, meandering phrases seem just right for the mood you're identifying, that comforting warm cup amid the chill.


twiffer said...

i wondered if i should break them up into seperate posts. but i was lazy. seems to have been an error.

if i have time, i'll split 'em up.


twiffer said...

okay, they're split up now.

as for making you feel like a peeping tom, i suppose that means it's effective, eh?