17 November, 2006


In the early morning, I
suspect my socks are blue.
Still, I will not wake you,
for I love to watch you
smile at your dreams.


Keifus said...

Just so you know, I fucking hate it when I pull what turn out to be the blue socks from my bag later in the morning. I have one pair, and they always sneak to the top of my drawer in the dark.

(And yeah, to the right person, that was what I was trying to see before, otherwise it's like watching two people make out in public... These intimate ones of yours don't seem to cross quite enough space--not enough love from afar--to be read by anyone other than that one person.)


twiffer said...

the truth is, i don't really wear socks often. plus, i don't get up till like, 8:30ish. ah, the joys of working from home.

Keifus said...

And yet you have this hostility lately...

twiffer said...

hehe...fucking cognizant. i hate them. don't get me started on that again. suffice to say, it blows when you are given a base to work off of, on an unfamilar system, and half of what is pre-existant turns out to be executed incorrectly.

Keifus said...

In my first year of college I dated a girl who took her chemistry degree and became a COBOL programmer. She was a real sweetheart--the one that got away maybe, but breaking up seemed like the right idea at the time. Anyway, she was a real nice kid. It breaks my heart to consider the off chance she's the one receiving your ire now.

(On the other hand, I hope someone out there is writing poems like that for her. She deserved better than I gave her.)