04 May, 2007

disney is evil. and other thoughts

great. so, my internal work IM seems to have lost connectivity. we'll add that to list of today's frustrations. along with the fact that WID never deployed the latest version of our service to the INT box. oh, it went to QA and was released in production last week. but it's still not in INT. what the fuck? we'll tack on to that the request i just got for documentation on this service, so the people who took over maintainence of it (last fucking year) actually have some clue as to what it does.

this is on top of the frustration of not being able to test my own work. seems to be working in lower environments, using the same code. and it doesn't seem to be data driven, as, well, transactions that should hit well established error processing code (ie: none existant policies) aren't going through. i have no information at all as to what is going arwy. which is leading me to believe the transaction just isn't being run at all. bugger.

but what i really want to say is that disney is evil. not just in the usual "disney is evil" sense. they've gone beyond that. today, i saw a commercial for some show called "my friends tigger and pooh". apparently, this is a cgi cartoon about a little red-headed girl who solves crimes with tigger and winnie the pooh. seriously. what in the name of all that is holy is this crap? who thought this would be a good idea? i'm not even a big fan of pooh. but shit like this is just wrong.

disney: dedicating to rooting timeless classics in a very specific time! woo hoo!

i think it's time for a drink.


august said...

What are you drinking nowadays?

Keifus said...

You betcha the mouse is evil. If you ever have kids, you can take the opportunity watch all the faithless reproductions over and over again.

Disney was never very faithful as a rule to their source material, but in early iterations they nail it in parts (the Mad Tea Party scene in Disney's Alice is great, for example) or if it was one they tried very hard on, they do something nice every now and then in the adaptation.

Disney's Pooh was never much like Milne's (and sadly, I have only a vague memory of the latter), but some of the adapted versions of the characters were fun, and the ink-and-watercolor art was really pretty nice. But the mouse mines its own material pretty shamelessly, adaptations of their adaptations concatenating like bad photocopies, and a few generations down, it gets pretty execrable.

Pooh had a cartoon series for a while, and some VHS tapes wound up in the box somehow. My Pooh moment had to come from the Very Special Thanksgiving episode. Here are the bunch of fuzzy English creatures that put "twee" into the lexicon pretty much all by themselves....singing about American holidays? That's so wrong. Mystery-solving CGI Pooh? That's just spitting on the corpse.


twiffer said...

august: the usual (scotch, beer, port, gin). though i've discovered that very good rum goes surprisingly well with a good cream soda. but it has to be good rum (not, say, captain morgan or bacardi) and good cream soda (not a&w, etc.).

keif: yeah, i always expected the usual faithlessness (most fairy tales really aren't for kids anyway). but there was always some resemblance to the source. having not seen much disney atrocities, this particular one stuck me as horribly, horribly wrong.

Keifus said...

On more important matters, what ports do you like? Every now and then, I get the urge to find some of the walnut-tasting stuff I had tried at a wine bar a few years ago. Still haven't, but it's not an unenjoyable experiment.

twiffer said...

i like australian tawny ports. stuff from yalumba is good, although my favorite (galway pipe) is no longer made. bastards. right now i've got a bottle of mclaren vale old cave, and a bottle of whisker's blake. both pretty good.

topazz said...

The tourists who walk around Disney theme parks eating those gigantic leg-a-whatevers are disgusting excuses for humanity.

twiffer: good cream sodas that go well with rum? Stewarts?