29 May, 2007

tonight's dinner menu

since i'm waiting for the potatoes to cook some, before i begin on the rest of the meal, i've decided to share what i'm making for dinner:

  • roasted baby yukon gold potatoes
  • fiddleheads, morels and chanterelles sauteed in butter w/shallots and sage
  • ny strip w/welsh oak smoked sea salt
perse is in charge of dessert, which is fresh berries, shortcake and marscapone whipped cream.


Keifus said...
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Keifus said...

You're in my head. No fair.

twiffer said...


it was goooood. i love fiddleheads.

Keifus said...

I like 'em too. Maybe next year, I'll get some backyard-fresh.

At my wife's restaurant, they're featuring dishes of both the brainy shrooms and the curly ferns right now. Talk about convergence (or what passes for an exciting week these days). Like I was saying, you beat me to posting about it...but I suppose it's seasonal.


Keifus said...

Oh, and only a week or two till the strawberries come in up in these parts. I've been waiting all year.

twiffer said...

strawberries are good, but i'm more a sucker for raspberries.

plus, that was what i was making for dinner last night. would have been great too, i think, with venison. but i've never cooked that, and it wasn't available at the butcher's counter anyway.

morels are fantastic. even if you don't eat the ones in your backyard, you should buy 'em and try 'em. i was never much a fan of mushrooms (non-psychedelic) untill i had morels.

Beth said...

Oh, yum! May I invite myself to dinner? I'll bring wine.

twiffer said...

welcome beth. alas, the listed meal has been devoured, and the fiddleheads will be out of season by the time perse and i get back from vacation. sadness: no more till next spring.

can i still have the wine though?