31 May, 2007

unintentional advertisement messages

this may or may not become a semi-regular feature. depends on my mood. anyway, onwards.

there seems to be a bunch of commericals out there, sending unintentional and somewhat negative messages about the product in question. i don't have a link to today's subject, but you very well may have seen it. it's a visa check card commerical, and features a kindly, yet ill zookeeper. since he is stricken by what seems to be a common cold, the zoo's elephant takes his card and picks up medicine, chicken soup and a blanket for him. then the elephant and a monkey nurse their beridden master back to health.

what's wrong here?

intended message: look how quick and convienent this card is! you don't even have to swipe it, cause of the smart chip!

unintended message: holy shit! anyone can use my card, since there is absolutely no ID verification! look how easy it'd be for someone to rob me blind!

now, it could be that i'm cynical, but the unintended message is the one that sticks in my head.


Andres Carl Sena said...

i've never seen the commercial. i wonder if that unintended message was even considered by the people who made the commercial and/or the executives who approved the commercial. funny as shit, nevertheless.

twiffer said...

i'm guessing no. considering how "identity theft protection" is usually touted as a feature on cards these days, however, it seems odd they wouldn't.