17 May, 2007

falling victim to guilt week

well, they got me. the folks at WETA are in the midst of their spring pledge drive and, after listening to them beg for days, they got me. mind you, i don't mind donating money to public radio. let alone a station that i listen to for approximately 9-10 hours a day. also, they picked up the slack when WGMS switched formats from all classical to yet-another-classic-rock-station; themselves changing from talk radio to all classical. i greatly appreciate that and respect the risk. plus, i'm getting a nifty bag out of it (for whatever reason, i am constantly in search of the perfect bag. or backpack. luggage too.).

still, i feel manipulated and used. okay, not so much. mostly, i feel like complaining about it. especially because they'll get me again, next pledge drive.


UPDATE: i quote, i say i quote, the guy on the radio. just now. "we're not trying to make you feel guilty. although that would help." caught!


Keifus said...

Yeah, yeah. I've said it before: if I were paying, I'd insist on not listening to the fund drives.

Also, I expect that it won't just be radio guilt, oh no. Now that you've broken the ice, they'll hassle you by mail too. Probably every quarter, if not every month, there'll be pictures of Ira Glass with puppy dog eyes waiting for you in your post office box from now until you move.

(That's why I don't pay 'em. That, and I'm cheap.)


twiffer said...

i know, i know. i just couldn't help myself.