25 May, 2007

stop the abuse!

a new entry has been made into my personal lexicon of brutally abused words: organic. yes, organic. the entry was made official after reading another potter's quote (in the 500 Bowls book), who seemed to think that stone was "organic". newsflash to the world! organic is not a synonym for "natural". rock, for instance, cannot be organic. why? because it's not fucking carbon-based life, that's why. this word abuse irritates me, nearly as much as modification of "unique" does.

i blame organic farming for this. hippy bastards.


Andres Carl Sena said...

I created this comment quite organically, it just came about from ostensibly nothing. it was such an organic expereince. truly

Keifus said...

Hmmm, I've been reading over the last few months how the USDA has pretty well buggered even the hippy definition of organic. My sympathies. It's, like, the most unique thing I've ever seen (tick, tock....).

Also, it ain't the OED, but check out defs 6-10, 13 & 14.

Keifus (one of nature's pricks, I'm afraid)

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Keifus said...

Fucking idiot me. Organic from whoever publishes this thing.

twiffer said...

yeah, yeah. the problem with dictionaries is they are more a record of usage, than an acutal authority. normally, i'm an advocate for the fluidity of language. usage defines the word; therefore meaning changes through time. the exception is when those changes irritate the fuck out of me.

to sum it up, regardless of what the dictionary says, rocks are not organic.